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Can the Giants’ New Coaching Staff Fix Daniel Jones?

Can the Giants new coaching staff fix Daniel Jones?

The Giants hired former Bills OC Brian Daboll as their head coach, and is credited for paving the way for Josh Allen’s development.

Allen’s 2017 rookie year was terrible. His passer rating was the 2nd lowest among all qualifying QBs. His adjusted completion % was last in the league.

With the help of Daboll’s development and play calling, Allen is now one of the best QBs in the league.

Daboll also brought in his right hand man from Buffalo, Shea Tierney, to be Daniel Jones’ new QB coach. Allen credits him for a lot his success, as well.

The Giants also brought Mike Kafka to be the Giants OC. Kafka was Patrick Mahomes’ position coach since 2018, and took on the added responsibility of passing game coordinator over the last two seasons.

With the addition of these pieces to the Giants’ offensive coaching staff, there is an obvious all-in effort to bring the best out of Daniel Jones.


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