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Expectations From the New Kellen Moore Led Chargers’ Offense

Believe it or not, both Kellen Moore and former Chargers' OC Joe Lombardi do a lot of the same things. They both run a similar amount of 3-wide receiver sets, and they both ran fast offenses. They both run a similar amount of pre-snap motion and a similar amount of play action. They even had a very similar EPA/play over the last two seasons in their respective offenses.

So what’s the difference? Is this a better hire, or is this just more of the same?

Well, Moore’s offense finished 1st in yards twice, and was top-6 in points scored in all 3 of his seasons with a healthy Dak… The difference now? Moore is going to be working with Justin Herbert.

Despite the Chargers being 2nd in the NFL in pass attempts last year, Herbert couldn’t put up the gaudy numbers we know he can. Dallas ranked 6th in to drive %, while L.A. ranked 14th.

The changes may be small, but I’m expecting a more efficient Herbert in 2023.


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