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How To Approach the Colts' Backfield

Faraz’s Take

Let me address the Colts RB situation right now. If you need a starter for Week 1 for whatever reason, picking up Deon Jackson and starting him as a flex option makes sense. But keep in mind, I do think it’ll end up being a committee between him and Evan Hull in Week 1 - Shane Steichen already said it’s going to be a committee with JT regardless.

Zack Moss probably won’t be suiting up Week 1, but he’s someone on my radar, especially if neither Jackson or Hull show out in Week 1 with the opportunity that they get… because at that point, Moss will likely be in play to compete and even start in Week 2.

So if you didn’t end up with Jackson or Hull and you’re in a deep league and want a RB stash, Moss can be that for your team… but then again, what’ll probably happen is that you stash Moss for a week or two and then the Colts sign Kareem Hunt once they realize none of these guys will do.

Zach’s Take

There’s value in the Colts backfield to be had right now, but it’s spread out between two running backs already as things stand today and it’ll be three once Moss is back from injury.

I don’t think that the Colts are going to turn to Evan Hull right off the bat because he’s a rookie, and Deon Jackson has filled in serviceably for them in the past. For Week 1, Deon Jackson is the RB to add, and I agree – Zack Moss is the player to add long-term. But I’m not expecting much out of these guys at all, to the point where I’d be hesitant to start even Jackson as a flex at this point.

There’s also the chance that the Colts offense just craters in Week 1 because they go down and play catchup all game against the Jags, which would mean any work in the ground game would come on Anthony Richardson’s legs, and not replacement level running backs.

The Colts RBs are really last resort adds in my opinion and I’m only dipping my toes into that backfield if I’m really desperate – which you shouldn’t be in Week 1 unless you had Jonathan Taylor.


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