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J.K. Dobbins Unexpectedly Lands on the PUP List

One of the less anticipated happenings of the past weekend has Dobbins managers not necessarily between a rock and a hard place, but dealing with additional uncertainty that didn’t exist before.

While it’s unclear exactly why Dobbins landed on the list, a few subsequent reports have indicated that there has been no noticeable change in Dobbins’ demeanor, suggesting that his landing on the PUP list could be a simple business transaction.

However, the Ravens did bring in veteran RB Melvin Gordon III on a cheap contract over the weekend as well, bracing themselves just in case Dobbins should miss time. With still over a month to go until the regular season begins and plenty of training camp yet to unfold, any worry about Dobbins can be placed on the back burner until further notice.


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