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Jonathan Taylor Appears Likely to Return in Week 5, Play for Colts in 2023

Things seemed to have gone from falling apart to solidly intact overnight with Jonathan Taylor, who appears to be content to play out the rest of the 2023 season with the Colts after being activated from IR. Maybe it’s because the Colts have looked plenty competitive in each of their four games this season and that’s not something Taylor anticipated; or, maybe he’s just recognizing that his options are limited and he doesn’t want to miss out on game checks, no matter how small they may be comparatively to what others are making. In either case, Taylor appears primed to make his 2023 debut in Week 5 against the Panthers, who are allowing the 4th-most fantasy points to the position through the first quarter of the season. Taylor could be on a snap count given the work that Zack Moss has done in his absence, but any claim over the Indy backfield Moss has right now looks primed to dissipate over the next week or two.


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