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Saquon Barkley Practices, Daniel Jones Does Not Ahead of Week 6 vs Bills

Barkley has missed three straight games since his fantastic performance against the Cardinals but looks to be on track to return for a tough matchup against the Bills in Buffalo. The Giants offense has been downright anemic this season, and that’s been the case regardless of whether or not Barkley’s in the lineup. However, no offense can go backward by getting the most talented player on that side of the ball back in a tough matchup, so there should be optimism that Barkley can return to his usual RB1 form and potentially help lift the Giants at least partway out of the mud for the rest of the season. While Barkley is trending up, Daniel Jones is trending down with his neck injury – and it’s truthfully amazing that he’s still got any kind of shot to play with the amount of hits he’s taken through five weeks. If the Giants would give Jones the day off, Tyrod Taylor would step in as the punching bag and likely not present any higher of a ceiling or any more secure of a floor than Jones has behind a turnstyle offensive line.


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