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Damien Harris has "Consistently Been the Second Back" to James Cook

James Cook SZN is officially in full swing ahead of the 2023 season, with the second-year RB reportedly head and shoulders above the rest of the Bills’ RB room at this point in camp.

The question was never about Cook’s role in the passing game, even before Nyheim Hines went down – instead, it was about just how much work Cook would get in the run game while competing with Damien Harris.

If this report is any indicator, then it appears that James Cook will be able to live up to his 3-down back label he received last week from the Bills coaching staff.

Cook was targeted at a ridiculously high rate last year by Josh Allen on a per-route basis – that ability in the receiving game, coupled with a supplemental dose of work on the ground, should give Cook a very solid fantasy floor with room to finish inside the Top-12 on a weekly basis.


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