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Antonio Gibson Anticipates Being the Commanders’ 3rd-Down Back in 2023

Gibson came out and said this while talking to the media on Wednesday, solidifying the idea that he’ll be the passing down back in Eric Bienemy’s offense. That being said, a role as the team’s “3rd-down back” seems to suggest that the Commanders still plan to feature a heavy dose of 2nd-year RB Brian Robinson on early downs.

History tells us that shouldn’t be a particularly concerning development, if true, as Bienemy’s offense in Kansas City last year featured a similar 1-2 combination in the backfield where both players were fantasy relevant down the stretch – and it was the receiving back with the upside in that scenario.

Gibson has proven himself to be among the league’s best in pass-catching ability since entering the league in 2020, logging at least 35 receptions in each of his three years in the league. That number could certainly increase in 2023 with Sam Howell at QB.


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