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Is Derek Carr a QB Option in 2023?

Despite supporting a WR3 finish for Davante Adams last year with the Raiders, Saints QB Derek Carr has yet to get over the hump to elite fantasy production in any year of his career, consistently finishing as a middle-of-the-pack quarterback with a relatively mediocre weekly floor.

If fantasy football were playing poker, taking Derek Carr as your quarterback would be like checking every hand.

Since his rookie year in 2014, Derek Carr has thrown for less than 30 touchdowns in every year except for 2015, but at least 3400 yards in every season. His rushing production has never been a factor in his career, limiting his fantasy upside to the tune of 6 total career rushing touchdowns and less than 150 rushing yards each season.

Despite consistently high passing volume and passing yardage production, Carr’s low TD rate and relatively high INT rate (averaging 11 interceptions a year) have reduced him to spot-starter status throughout his career. And on a Saints offense that features a similar complement of weapons to the ones he worked with in Las Vegas, Carr seems primed once again to be the fuel to the fantasy engines of those players around him without any real upside himself.


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