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Jeudy's Late-Season Success Indicates a 2023 Breakout

A lot of the sentiment surrounding the Broncos last year was that every player on the offense was basically unstartable, but that wasn’t necessarily the case for Jerry Jeudy. The former 2020 first-rounder quietly produced at a very high level in 2022 amidst the dysfunction that plagued the Broncos' offensive system.

From Weeks 7-18, Jerry Jeudy was the WR9 in PPR points per game (16.2), and that included a game where he left the game in the first quarter with zero points scored. Take out that game, and his per game average PPR points jumps up to 18.2, which would have placed him as the PPR WR7 in points per game in 2022.

With a new offensive scheme in place with Super Bowl-winning head coach Sean Payton at the helm, it’s hard to imagine a world where Jeudy suffers a decline in production. In fact, he could break out in 2023 if Russell Wilson can play serviceable football.


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