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Tony Pollard Has the Chance to Explode in 2023

Tony Pollard is stepping into a major opportunity in 2023 after finishing as the overall RB9 in fantasy points per game, despite receiving considerable competition from Ezekiel Elliott for touches. Zeke handled 231 carries last year, 38 more than Pollard’s 193 – and it’s that vacated opportunity that makes Pollard such an attractive pick this year.

Stats retrieved using Fantasy Points Data Suite

Among RBs with 100+ carries in 2022, both Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard finished inside the Top-5 in TD% (number of runs where a touchdown is scored). Elliott (4th - 5.2%) finished one spot above Pollard (5th - 4.7%), but the way each player got there could not have been more different.

Elliott – much like the leader in TD% last year, Jamaal Williams – saw an obvious majority of his team’s attempts inside the 5 (Zeke handled over 70% of those carries). Meanwhile, Pollard handled just 28% of those carries – but finished right behind Zeke anyway in 2022.

That’s because Pollard was one of the most efficient and explosive runners in the league last year, leading the NFL in % of runs over 20 yards and yards after contact per attempt. That ability, coupled with even just a piece of the goal-line work Zeke had last year, could make Pollard one of the most productive RBs in fantasy football in 2023.


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