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Jahmyr Gibbs "Trending to Play" in Week 7, per Ian Rapoport

There would be reason to be excited about this opportunity for Gibbs if we didn’t already know that Craig Reynolds is going to be mixing in for opportunities - even with David Montgomery out. Gibbs has missed the past two weeks since going down with a hamstring injury in Week 4, and the fantasy returns have been modest at best to this point for the former 12th-overall pick. Given his workload issues (he’s seen 8+ carries in just one game so far this year) and exclusively empty yardage (no touchdowns in his four starts), he doesn’t project to have much upside in Week 7 barring a drastic change for the better in the number of looks he gets. Of course, if you’ve drafted Gibbs high and have been left out to dry with his injury, there’s nothing wrong with starting him as an RB2 and hoping for the best - but if there are more secure options available, it might not be a bad idea to fire them up over him. The bottom line is that Gibbs is far from a must-start at this point, and there are likely better options available for most teams caught up in the storm.


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