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James Cook is "Clear Top Back in Buffalo"

Per The Athletic's Joe Buscaglia, Bills RB James Coom is the "clear top back" in Buffalo.

At a certain point, we’re going to have to take their word for it if we haven’t already. There have been plenty of instances where reports like these come out and are not supported by what we see on the field, but it’s not a controversial take to say that James Cook is easily the most talented running back on the Bills roster as of today.

If Cook looks like a potential RB1 and the reports indicate that he’s a potential RB1, then he’s probably a potential RB1. HIs true ceiling will be determined by his work in the receiving game, where despite garnering a high targets per route run last year, he didn’t run that many routes in 2022. Any type of increase in workload in that regard should help make Cook a value at his ADP.


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