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Tee Higgins Misses Practice for 2nd Straight Day, Status in Question for Week 5

Not sure the Bengals could afford to be without their second-best playmaker on offense in a game they desperately need to win against a competitive Cardinals squad, but reality is often disappointing. That’s the case this week with Higgins, who has yet to practice ahead of Cincy’s Week 5 tilt in Arizona. Outside of a week-winning performance against the Ravens in his second game of the year, Higgins has failed to eclipse five fantasy points in a game - an indictment not so much on Higgins himself as it is on QB Joe Burrow. Burrow has been hampered by a calf injury that has done its damage with regards to the fantasy values of everyone on the Bengals offense, and that’s shown most prominently in Higgins’ game log so far. Until the Bengals clean things up on offense, he’s nothing more than a fringe WR2/WR3.


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