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The Sleeper QB Nobody is Talking About

There’s been all kinds of discussion about who will be starting for the 49ers come Week 1, and it’s probably going to be Purdy. But those conversations have always been about what Purdy can do for the weapons in the 49ers offense, and not about what Brock Purdy can do for YOU and your team!

Pop quiz: who was tied with Dak Prescott over the last six weeks of the season for the most passing touchdowns in the NFL with 13? Brock Purdy was. He was also 3rd in fantasy points per dropback in that span – with just Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts ahead of him, and Patrick Mahomes one spot behind him. ELITE company.

People point to Brock Purdy being a game manager, and it’s true – his 6.9 average depth of target was 3rd-lowest among 23 QBs in the last 5 weeks of the season. But that’s not an issue when you consider that the 49ers' weapons counterbalance that low depth of target with freakish production after the catch: the 49ers' WR room as a whole ranked first in overall YAC/attempt among all 32 teams, and their TEs ranked 5th in that same statistic.

Purdy also tossed at least two touchdowns in 7 straight games from Week 13 through the Wild Card round of the playoffs, giving him a fantastic fantasy floor week in and week out.

Now, am I making the case for him as a Top-10, Top-8 QB? Of course not. But he could finish as a low-QB1 plenty of times during the season and finish inside the Top-15 assuming he stays healthy. And who knows? Purdy was thrown into the fray last year and performed like a seasoned veteran. Could he take a step forward in his second year and throw a little more gunpowder on top of this already dynamite offense? Imagine that.

The Shanahan offense really does work wonders, doesn’t it?


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