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Alvin Kamara Gets a Win, but He’s Not Out of the Woods Yet…

Saints RB Alvin Kamara seems to have avoided jail time stemming from the misdemanor charge he picked up in Las Vegas on Pro Bowl weekend, but it remains to be seen whether or not the NFL will pursue a punishment via the league’s personal conduct policy.

The threat of Kamara’s absence in 2023 still looms, so his price will likely stick where it’s at right now (RB34, 102.2 - 9th Round), but it doesn’t appear as though any suspension would be a season-long at this point.

The Saints did add last season’s scrimmage TD leader in Jamaal Williams and drafted TCU RB Kendre Miller, so Kamara’s role isn’t necessarily guaranteed to match what we’ve seen from him historically. However, this news does qualify as a win for Kamara and brings him a step closer to an obstacle-free regular season.


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