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Anthony Richardson Might Not Be the Colts’ Week 1 Starter?

Colts owner Jim Irsay once again hinted that Anthony Richardson might not be the starter in Indy come Week 1, saying that Gardner Minshew “could play better early on”.

While this isn’t necessarily a reason to panic about Richardson’s fantasy prospects in 2023, it certainly raises questions about his true ceiling for the season. Richardson’s alien athleticism can only save his production if he’s on the field, and if it’s true that we could see Minshew under center to open the season and potentially for a few weeks after that, there’s a chance we could see Richardson slide down the QB rankings a bit.

The silver lining, though, if Minshew ends up carrying the starting job into a through training camp: Richardson’s price could become much more affordable for those looking to shoot for upside in 2QB leagues.


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