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Chris Olave Exits vs Falcons After Stellar First Half with Concussion

Of course the fantasy gods would choose the game where Olave had his third-highest point total on the season through one half of football to cut his time on the field short. Olave was en route to what likely would have amounted to his best outing on the season before he was forced out of the game, but the injury shouldn’t be considered long-term given that it is, in fact, a concussion. Most players this season have been required to miss one week of action while they clear the concussion protocol, and that should be the understanding that fantasy managers move forward with regarding the second-year WR. There is an off chance that Olave could clear the concussion protocol within a week, as players like Alexander Mattison and Brock Purdy have done this year, but the odds in that scenario are long and managers would be better off prepping their lineups this week as if Olave will be unavailable for Week 13.


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