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Chris Olave with Limited Practice on Tuesday After Missing Monday Walkthrough

The fact that Olave was able to at least practice in some capacity Tuesday offers some optimism that he’ll be able to make a return to the starting lineup on a short week, but he’s not out of the woods yet. Today’s practice report will be critical for fantasy managers hoping to start Olave in tomorrow night’s game against the Rams; a limited practice today would likely give Olave a solid shot at playing. Regardless, fantasy managers should be prepared with a backup plan in the event that Olave is ruled out at the last minute a-la Pete Carroll and Geno Smith, but there will be plenty more options available for fantasy managers to fall back on with this being the first game of the week as opposed to the last. If Olave suits up, expect him to be his usual self in an offense that’s called upon backups and veterans to pick up the slack in the game last week that he missed. If Olave doesn’t go, it could be another tough slog in the receiving department for Derek Carr and the Saints’ pass catchers.


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