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Deshaun Watson Exits with Undisclosed Injury, Doesn't Return vs Indy

This is getting just a bit ridiculous with the embattled Browns quarterback, and we’ll continue to remind you that Cleveland handed him a fully guaranteed $230 million contract last year. Not only is Watson likely to have his status up in the air once again going into Week 8, but he’s been an objectively bad real life and fantasy football quarterback through seven weeks of play. That’s made the Browns receiving options really difficult to trust on a weekly basis, and things haven’t gotten better with P.J. Walker under center for the past two weeks. The fact that the Browns were able to hang around and win a shootout had a lot more to do with their defense playing spectacularly well than it did with the offense doing much of anything, and that’s a problem. No Browns pass catcher had more than 60 yards on the day, and it seems like even if Watson comes back, there isn’t much hope for improvement with their pass catchers for the rest of the season barring a dramatic turnaround.


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