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Jacksonville Locks Up One of Trevor Lawrence’s Favorite Targets

According to Jordan Schultz from theScore, the Jaguars are bringing back franchise-tagged TE Evan Engram on a 3-year, $42.5M deal with $25.5M guaranteed.

Engram finished last year as the overall fantasy TE5, posting 73 catches for 766 yards and 4 TDs and averaging 10.4 fantasy points per game.

Engram’s stock in both dynasty and redraft should be trending up after the signing, which indicates that the Jaguars plan to continue to feature him in the offense in 2023 and beyond. The fantasy community has largely been approaching the prospect of drafting players in the Jags offense as though Engram were going to play this season regardless of his contract situation, so the landscape remains largely unscathed in the wake of the signing.

Engram will look to replicate the production he found at the end of the year with Lawrence in 2023.


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