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Jaylen Warren Officially Named Steelers Starting RB

This seems like a bit of a formality at this point, as Warren was already cutting significantly into Najee Harris’s workload this season – and he’s looked much better than Najee while he’s done it. Warren has essentially filled the 2022 Tony Pollard role on the Steelers in 2023 operating behind Najee Harris, but after being named the starter, a few more touches per game than what he’s been earning so far this season could be thrown his way. Despite the news, Najee Harris is likely to maintain a fantasy-relevant workload even with Warren being named the starter – but it’s going to come down to how efficient he can be on even slightly limited work that will determine how we view Najee moving forward. The bottom line here: Warren and Harris have essentially swapped roles, and they’ll likely continue to be ranked back to back until (or unless) something drastic happens.


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