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Najee Harris Misses Tuesday & Wednesday Practices, Status in Question for TNF

Harris’ injury comes out of left field on a short week for the Steelers and opens up the opportunity for Jaylen Warren to be an RB1 play against the Patriots tonight. New England kept things under control against the Chargers and Austin Ekeler last week and haven’t allowed more than 10 points in a game since Week 9, so the matchup is less than ideal. However, given Jaylen Warren’s extreme efficiency and a potential full workload for the first time in his career, he’ll profile as a top-12 play at the position against the Patriots. Warren has hung right around 12-15 touches per game since Pittsburgh’s week 6 bye and has three top-15 finishes to his name in that span. Warren would likely lead the backfield for this week and this week only assuming Najee’s injury isn’t anything serious - Harris will also have a longer than usual rest from Thursday night to next Sunday in Week 15.


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