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Tee Higgins Expected to Return in Week 13

Higgins returns after missing three weeks of game action to a lineup sans Joe Burrow, which will prevent him from being startable as anything more than a WR3 or flex in Week 13 and moving forward. That being said, the game script is almost sure to be a negative one against the Jaguars and there could be enough volume to give him some upside in this one, but given the fact that Jake Browning couldn’t give Ja’Marr Chase a ceiling in last week’s game, it’s unlikely that happens for Higgins. Fantasy managers should start Higgins only in desperate circumstances – the Bengals offense scored just 10 points last week against the Steelers and there looks to be no end in sight for their struggles besides after Week 18. Higgins has seen his 2023 season marred by injury and bad QB play, and it’s unlikely that he’ll able to overcome those circumstances to turn things around in the final quarter of the season.


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