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Tee Higgins Says There's a Chance He Plays Week 5 vs Cardinals

After missing the rest of the game against the Titans following his injury, there were questions about whether Higgins would be ready to go in Week 5 or even beyond. However, the injury appears to be minor enough that Higgins is considering a return in Week 5 to be very much in the realm of possibility. Even if he does play, he’s a risky start at best with the current state of the Bengals offense being down the toilet and halfway to the sewer, but his presence on the field would only stand to benefit Cincinnati in their attempt at turning things around on offense. His injury is to his ribs, and while fantasy managers should be optimistic that Higgins has a realistic shot to play in Week 5, it’s important to understand that he’s not out of the woods yet and that it would be a good idea to monitor his status throughout the week.


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