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The Jets Upset the Eagles! Are the Jets Fantasy Relevant?

It was really encouraging to see Garrett Wilson haul in 8 of 12 targets for 90 yards. He got banged up a couple of times, but he looks like he’ll be ok. Robert Saleh said he could’ve finished the game. Either way, the Jets have a bye this week, so he should be good to go in Week 8.

Breece Hall’s snap percentage went up, and his route participation went way up this week to 65%. According to Fantasy Life’s utilization report, he was at only 30% last week - this was literally the one piece that was missing from Breece Hall’s workload coming in, and while we said he was back last week, I think he’s officially back this week.

Only 12 carries against a tough Eagles front, but the 5 catches for 54 yards really is what it’s all about - bunch of extra points in PPR, plus the TD, plus the production on the ground - now that he’s getting the route participation necessary on top of him dominating this backfield’s rushing attempts, Breece Hall is matchup proof.


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