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Will Levis Lights up Falcons in NFL Debut

What a surprising performance from rookie QB Will Levis! 238 passing yards with 4 passing TDs… quite the debut. That led to DeAndre Hopkins catching 4 balls for 123 yards and 3 TDs - Hopkins was left for dead this week given the QB situation, but it looks like we all underestimated Levis. Levis can run the ball as well, and he’s a big body similar to Josh Allen, so I think he should be picked up even in 1 QB leagues. Not sure he has to be started, but at least put him on your bench for now. This is a huge boost for anyone who got Levis late in dynasty rookie drafts.

If this actually turns into a good offense and Levis turns out to be good, this would be a huge boost for Derrick Henry as well. This offense with Tannehill has been terrible. What Levis offers the Titans is something Tennessee hasn’t had at QB in a long time, and that’s youth. There was never a question about Levis’ arm talent, but seeing his deep ball accuracy in this game and his poise should be enough to have you excited about what this could mean for the rest of the Titans’ offense, including Treylon Burks. It’s one game, but the range of outcomes for Levis is very wide.


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