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A.J. Brown Will Be A Value in 2022

We all want consistent players we can depend on every single week… mostly because it makes us feels good. But the reality is, you mostly win weeks because of outlier games, and AJ Brown is going to give you a few of those at the very least.

Here are a few of his monster games this season:

  • 8 catches for 133 and a TD

  • 10 catches for 155 and a TD

  • 11 catches for 145 and a TD

  • 5 catches for 142 and a TD

We know his weekly upside, but the possibility of him putting together a monster season is as conceivable for him as any other WR in the league. And you’ll be able to grab him at his floor in 2022.

I recommend buying him in dynasty if you can after his inconsistent 2021: the man has talent, and will be going into his age 25 season.

He was 6th among all WRs with at least 100 targets in yards/route run… THIS year. He was 2nd last year, and he was 5th his rookie year. Yards/route run is as sticky as any other WR stat and he was top 6 three years in a row. I would be careful not to label him as an inconsistent player. He’s been inconsistent this year, but I value the elite alpha talent way more than something that can easily change from year to year.

If he can get a legit and consistently available complement next season, that would help take some defensive attention away from him. I do believe that was a big problem for him this past season, and the scheme the Titans are running didn’t help take advantage even when they realized he was 1 on 1 pre-snap.

My guess is that Brown will be going near the 3-4 turn in 2022 redraft leagues, and if so, he’ll be auto pick for me at that price.


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