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Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s Usage in the Playoffs is Not what you Want to See

Seeing Jerick McKinnon get touches over Clyde Edwards-Helaire is not what you want to see as CEH dynasty manager.

While Darrel Williams nursed a toe injury, McKinnon stepped up and didn’t relinquish his primary RB duties for the Chiefs, despite CEH practicing in full over the last couple of weeks.

It seems as though everyone and their momma is producing for the Chiefs backfield, while CEH can’t seem to get a stranglehold on that job.

McKinnon averaged 105 total yards/game over the Chiefs’ three playoff games, including averaging 5 catches for 55 receiving yards over that span.

He out-touched CEH 15-8 against the Bills, and 15-7 against the Bengals.

This is the type of usage we would’ve loved to see CEH garner at some point over first two seasons, but as a certain meme has told us, he’s just not that guy.

The Chiefs have allowed Darrel Williams to cut into his workload many times, and now McKinnon. It seems like it would take an injury to every RB on the roster for CEH to get all the work.

I’d be looking to sell any shares of CEH I have at this point; this is just not a good look for his value moving forward. However, if anyone is selling for pennies or as a throw-in, buy him and hope he has a later resurgence out of nowhere like Brian Westbrook did; one of the reasons they drafted CEH was because of Westbrook. Still, I wouldn’t use this as a reason to hold if I can get something solid back.

Lesson learned for when we drafted CEH early: he had a ton of catches in college, but wasn’t efficient on those catches. The raw targets/catches was appealing (to me included), but the signs were there that he wasn’t an elite prospect (size and lack of efficiency in receiving game), and shouldn’t have been drafted anywhere near Jonathan Taylor (who had size and was efficient in all aspects of the game).

Taylor was my RB1 and CEH was my RB2 from that class, but there should’ve been even more separation between those two. The Chiefs did mess that one up, drafting CEH over JT.


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