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Fantasy Q&A with Faraz Siddiqi

Q: Is Kyler Murray worth a late round stash? Especially if we don’t take a flier on a QB early.

I don’t think he is. I don’t think they rush him back on the field. The Cardinals have a lot invested in him, and they don’t have a playoff roster. They’re going to take it easy with him, so expect him to be back Week 7, Week 8, maybe even later.

If the Cardinals have one win at that point, what is the point of bringing him back at in Week 8? Why risk that with him with the contract that he has? If you draft him, he’ll be on your bench taking up a roster spot the entire time he’s out.

And even when he comes back, there’s no DeAndre Hopkins, and he probably won’t be running around the same way he normally does. His rushing upside might take a little bit of a hit, he might be rusty, and he might not even give you that much or any positional advantage at the QB position - a position where only a couple of QBs actually do give you a positional advantage.

It’s not worth it. This is not Patrick Mahomes. This is not Jalen Hurts. This is not Lamar Jackson. The cost of him sitting on your bench for that long just isn’t worth it for me.


Q: Dynasty startup: Breece Hall, Jaylen Waddle, or Garrett Wilson?

So just off the bat, I have Jaylen Waddle one spot ahead of Garrett Wilson in my dynasty rankings. Why? He had 104 receptions his rookie season, I think he edges out Garrett Wilson in terms of who had a better rookie year, but it’s obviously very close… they both had very close to a 25% target share their rookie year.

But then Waddle had two great seasons on the books - he played every game his first two years, he hit 1300 yards receiving his 2nd year, and the trajectory is pointing up. The trajectory is pointing up for Garrett Wilson too with Aaron Rodgers, so it’s a toss-up.

Wilson is also two years younger, so that is also a factor… I do think that Garrett Wilson has the higher overall ceiling, so if that’s what you’re going for, go Wilson. I’d always rather take a young established WR who has a chance of being a superstar than a RB, even if that RB is a ridiculous talent like Breece Hall. RB windows are short, WR windows are long.

I like buying Breece in dynasty right now, but if all of them are on the board with the same pick, I’m taking one of these WRs. What if this post-ACL year is a lost year for Breece? He can come back strong in 2024, he’ll still be 23, but the hope is that you drafted a solid enough team to compete in his window. I do think young star WRs are the cornerstones of any dynasty roster, so that’s who I’d go with.


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