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Target These 5 RBs After Round 10

De’Von Achane - 10th round

Achane is currently the best Dolphins RB, and could see 15 touches/game on an explosive offense. He fits Mike McDaniels’ system perfectly - best case scenario would be a 1-2 punch between Achane and a bigger back like Jeff Wilson.


Tyler Allgeier - 11th round

Allgeier might not have much standalone value, but he proved that he can be very effective last year. If Bijan were to go down, Allgeier should step in and handle a bigger workload than he did last year in a great rushing environment. Viewing him as a handcuff.


Kendre Miller - 12th round

Miller is off the PUP and is now participating in camp. He’s a talented back who can potentially beat out Jamaal Williams to be Alvin Kamara’s complement in the run game. It could be a year early, but I like taking shots on talent at cheap prices, especially given a potential Kamara suspension early in the year. What if Miller goes crazy in those first few weeks?


Tank Bigsby - 13th round

It seems like Bigsby will be involved right away as a complement to Travis Etienne, but standalone value is still a question right now. I’d view him as a talented handcuff+ on an up-and-coming offense.


Roschon Johnson - 14th round

The Bears' backfield is wide open, and Johnson is the cheapest option in drafts. It seems like his primary competition is D’onta Foreman, who’s no slouch, but Johnson was one of the most efficient RBs in all of college football over the last two seasons.


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