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Can You Trust Puka Nacua & Cooper Kupp?

Cooper Kupp got a full practice in on Wednesday. What does that tell me? That he’s startable. I know he’s hard to trust, and it’s a very tough matchup against the Browns, but don’t look too deep into the barrel… I did move him down to the WR19 on the week, and for context, I have Puka at WR18. I’m starting Tank Dell over them obviously, Devonta Smith, Deebo Samuel, Calvin Ridley, Nico Collins, Adam Thielen, and Christian Kirk - that’s really it. I totally understand if you want to bench both, or at least bench Kupp (you do you) - it all comes down to trust factor, and if you don’t have the trust, don’t put them in your lineup.

Just keep in mind that things can change fast - the game plan was based on the run this past week against Arizona, and according to Jourdain Rodrigue, the fact that the TEs were so involved had to do with disguising the run game. On that 2nd TD to Higbee, Puka was an option too on his slant. He was open and could’ve easily been targeted on that one… I do trust Puka a little more than Kupp, but there’s no doubt that this is a very tough situation and tough decision to make. But I think I’m ok with them in my lineup this week against the Browns.


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