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What's Going On With Justin Fields?

A lot of people are worried about Justin Fields, as they should be. I’m not dropping him right now, but I don’t understand what Luke Getsy is doing. My guy Conner Allen @ConnerallenNFL on Twitter first brought it up that they’re not implementing any designed rushes for Justin Fields.

He had 5.3 designed rushes/game last year - awesome, I’d love more… but this year, he has 2 TOTAL designed rushes through two games. Absolutely insane. If you want your offense to thrive, why are you not using your best weapon in Justin Fields’ legs? It makes no sense. I’m optimistic that it can change, but if he’s not getting designed rushes, he’s not going to be that guy for fantasy outside of a few games here and there when he happens to scramble for a big TD - but that opportunity needs to be there, and it’s not right now.

We spoke a lot about this Bears backfield this summer - my prediction was that this turns into a 2-man backfield between Khalil Herbert and Roschon Johnson, and that’s what happened. D’onta Foreman was a healthy scratch this week, and these two shared the load 50/50… both look good, both made plays, but now since this is not a 3-man backfield anymore, it’s more feasible to start these guys.

They aren’t must plays by any means, but I’m a lot more comfortable now. I think there’s a chance Roschon’s role can increase even more, too – keep in mind he was the primary passing down back in Week 1, but these two kind of shared that work this week. Herbert had the one goal line snap as well.

More snaps and opportunities went Herbert’s way, so he’s the preferred start for me right now… but if Roschon is on your waiver wire, he’s a great add even if he’s just a stash for you.


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